fetch.it poo bags - loose rolls

fetch.it poo bags - loose rolls

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FETCH.IT poo bag star sealed base, no handles - 15 bags per roll

Did you know that even biodegradable poo bags still take decades to degrade and into tiny micro-plastics? These micro-plastics are also making their way to our oceans and harming our beloved marine life. Fetch.it are eco-friendly compostable poo bags, made from cornstarch, degrade completely within weeks into natural elements which aren’t harmful to the environment.


Biodegradable and compostable are often used interchangeably but they are NOT the same thing. Here's the truth... 

Biodegradable products will eventually disintegrate over time, usually over hundreds of years, into smaller pieces but these can be still be harmful to organisms. These smaller pieces of plastic fragments are known today as micro-plastics. Compostable bags on the other hand decompose into non-toxic organic matter which can be broken down to form a nutrient rich soil or "compost". 

Best Part 

  • vegan friendly
  • plastic free packaging
  • designed in Manchester, UK
  • made from GM free cornstarch
  • 20 microns thick - thickest on the market